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Pioneer DDJ-SR

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Artikel nr : PIOddjsr
Kortnamn : Pioneer DDJ-SR
Vikt : 10.00 kg
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Pioneers DDJ- SR är en 2-kanals DJ kontroller utvecklad för Serato ® DJ. DDJ-SR är mindre och mer kompakt än storebror DDJ-SX, men ärver många av funktionerna. Det innebär stora aluminium joghjul , Performence pads med ny pad plus funktion som tillför ytterligare fyra ljudeffekter.

Performance pads - med hot cue, roll, slicer och sampler . Nya pad plus omvandlar de fyra funktionsknapparna till hot cue roll, trans, combo fx och sampler roll, dessa är automatiskt synkroniserade. DDJ - SR har också en beat indikator som ger en visuell representation av takten.

Den inbyggda 2-kanals mixer på DDJ-SR är idealisk för scratch. Mixern går även att användas med fyra däck med hjälp av " deck select " knapparna på vardera sidan av mixern.

Serato DJ mjukvaran följer med DDJ-SR, allt är paketerat för att kunna komma igång direkt.

Pioneer’s DDJ-SR 2-channel DJ controller is designed for use with Serato® DJ software. The smaller and more compact DDJ-SR inherits many of the same functions and controls of the larger DDJ-SX introduced in 2012, offering large aluminum jog wheels, integrated performance pads, and a new PAD PLUS feature that adds four additional audio effects to the performance pads.

Performance Pads – Large rubber "performance pads" located below the big jog wheel provide HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER and SAMPLER functions. Each soft-touch rubber pad illuminates in blue to enable users to tap the pad(s) quickly for each effect, with the output volume varying depending on the strength of each tap.

Pad Plus – By activating the new PAD PLUS button, the functions of the performance pads are transformed, converting the four function buttons into HOT CUE ROLL, TRANS, COMBO FX and SAMPLER ROLL. This enables DJs to trigger multiple FX with one button, and automatically sync samples and Hot Cues to the beat. The DDJ-SR also features a Beat Indicator which gives a visual representation of the beat. 

Hot Cue Roll/Sampler Roll - Launch Hot Cues and Samples that are automatically synced to the BPM.

Combo FX – Simultaneously trigger and modulate multiple effects and filters with one pad.

Trans – Cut the volume of FX in and out at pre-set intervals.

Big Jog Wheels – The DDJ-SR features two large jog wheels for precise scratching and mixing capabilities. The resistance for each jog wheel was fined tuned to provide users with the best "feel" and the shortest latency.

2-Channel Mixer – The built-in 2-channel mixer on the DDJ-SR is ideal for scratch performances. The mixer can also be used with four decks using the "deck select" buttons located on each side of the controller. In addition, the unit features a "Cross Fader Reverse" switch to enable the left and right decks to be controlled from opposite sides.

High-end Design – The DDJ-SR sports a steel top panel and an aluminum jog plate for a more elegant and stylish look and feel.

Serato DJ Software – A free-of-charge download of Serato DJ software is included with the purchase of a DDJ-SR for an easy out-of-the-box experience. 

Like its club-standard sibling, the DDJ-SR adds a fun, physical element to performance thanks to features such as the rubber LED Performance Pads – which enable DJs to trigger Hot Cue, Slicer, Roll and Sampler modes, and control the volume of samplers by how hard they hit the pads. 

Hitting the new PAD PLUS button on the DDJ-SR adds another layer of control, with the ability to instantly trigger and manipulate FX assigned to each button. In PAD PLUS mode, samples and Hot Cues gain a Roll effect and can be looped in time with the beat, Combo FX enables tactile FX control, and Trans cuts the sound at pre-set intervals.

More features inherited from Pioneer’s pro-range include large, low-latency jog wheels and Slip Mode – which silently continues track playback during loops, scratches and reverses, bringing the music back in the right place when the DJ is done. 

The DDJ-SR has been built to withstand the rigours of frequent use, and its stylish design and compact size make this affordable controller an attractive addition to any set up.

The DDJ-SR, bundled with Serato DJ, is available from November.


1.Designed for intuitive control of Serato DJ’s popular features
The DDJ-SR has dedicated controls for all the bundled Serato DJ software’s features including:
Four-deck control
FX engine Powered by iZotope
Eight cue points on each deck
Syncable six slot sample bank
Auto Loops, Manual Loops and Loop Roll, for even more loop options
Slicer to chop up tracks and create new arrangements

2.Stripped back, compact unit delivers portability and ease of set up
Pioneer has made the DDJ-SR smaller and lighter than the DDJ-SX and added support for USB power – so DJs can fit the controller in a bag and enjoy fuss-free set up wherever they want to perform.

3.Performance Pads with PAD PLUS add another dimension to DJing 
Sixteen rubber Performance Pads are assigned to four modes – Hot Cue, Roll, Sampler and Slicer – to add a physical element to mashing up tracks. The LED illuminated pads’ Velocity Mode controls volume according to how hard DJs hit the pads.

DJs can hit the PAD PLUS button to unleash a second level of tactile performance features. PAD PLUS has three modes:
Hot Cue/Sampler Roll: adds a beat-synced Roll effect to Hot Cues and samples, and lets DJs adjust the length of the roll using the loop controls.
Combo FX: triggers FX when the pad is pressed, which stop when it is released, so DJs can tap the pad to instantly add FX to individual noises. 
Trans Pad: gates FX at pre-set intervals, which are accessed via the pads, enabling DJs to create a rhythmic gated sound manually.

4.Two-channel mixer delivers four-deck control and Cross Fader Reverse
The two-channel mixer layout enables intuitive mixing and scratching with Serato DJ decks B and C; DJs simply hit the Deck Select button to effortlessly access decks A and D. The DDJ-SR also features Cross Fader Reverse, so DJs can swap decks from left and right to suit their scratching style. 

5.Slip Mode for precision edits
Inherited from the new club-standard CDJ-2000nexus, Slip Mode silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the manoeuvre.

6.Low-latency jog wheel enhances scratching pleasure
The DDJ-SR’s low-latency jog wheel ensures DJs always get the scratch response they expect. Plus the controller borrows the backlit-LED On-Jog Display from the club-standard CDJs, showing the playback status of the current track for even greater scratch and reverse precision.

7.Professional build quality and design 
The high-quality faders are robust and durable, while the steel top plate and aluminium jog wheels give the DDJ-SR a premium finish.

8.Other features
Beat indicator: gives a visual representation of the BPM  
USB powered: via connection to PC
Channel Fader Start: use the channel fader to control Cues 
Crossfader curve adjust: to suit any type of sound
Master level and channel level meters: instantly identify levels on each channel
MIDI compatible: control any DJ software


SoftwareSerato DJ
Input portsAUX x 1(RCA)
MIC x 1(1/4 inch jack)
Output portsMASTER OUT x 1 (1/4 inch jack)
HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 2(front 1/4 inch jack, MiniPin)
Other portsUSB B port x 1
Frequency response20 Hz ~20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion ratio0.006 %or less
S/N ratio101 dB (PC)
Maximum dimensions
(W x D x H)553.6 mm x 319.1 mm x 65.3 mm 
Unit weight4.5 kg


Applicable OS (Windows)Windows® 7
32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 2GB
64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 4GB
Applicable OS (Mac)Mac OS X 10.8.4/10.7.5/10.6.8
32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 1GB
64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo/(Memory) 4GB
Display resolution1280 x 720 or higher resolution

* Serato DJ is a registered trademark of Serato
* iZotope, Powered by iZotope, is a trademark of iZotope, Inc. in the United States and other countries
* Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries
* Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries
* Other names of products, companies, and organisations herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners

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